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Who is Austin Zaback?

Austin Zaback went from a guy living in his grandparents garage to making millions of dollars in Real Estate by the age of 22. He started with no money, no confidence, no connections, and no mentors, but he did have one thing -- a Dream.

And it was this dream that led him to being at the TOP of his game in one of the most competitive markets. Since then he’s been able to make millions of dollars, surround himself with some of the most influential marketers on the planet, make friends with fortune 500 CEO's, and mentor hundreds and hundreds of students, leading them all to massive success.

And he’s been able to do all of these things because he was able to unlock certain secrets that catapulted him from one level to the next...

And that's what he wants to teach you.


  • Hitting it big while you're still young and being able to LIVE FOR A LIVING!
  • Living a life designed by you, with nobody telling you what to do, when to do it, who to do it with, how to dress or how to act.
  • Live a life of being debt free, a life of fun and adventure.
  • A life full of purpose, where you have the ability to make a real impact, help those around you, and take your life and your business to that next level.

What People Are Saying About Austin

"Austin is one of the most impressive young entrepreneurs I've ever met. I'm very proud to call him a friend and a partner."

Cody Sperber
The "Clever Investor"

Cody and Clever Investor

"Within a month of working with Austin, I closed my first Million Dollar Deal, using the strategies that he specifically taught me. I would consider working with Austin a pivotal point in my business, and I would recommend Real Estate Mastery to any millennial who's looking to jump-start their career."

Brandon S.
Realtor in San Diego, CA

Donte P.
Washington D. C.

Austin L.
Tempe, AZ


100% Online, Instant Access

Module 1

Getting Started
  • The 5 Habits I Use That Will Make You Successful
  • Pick Your Passion: Know the advantages and the drawbacks between being an Agent and being an Investor

Module 2

Becoming a Real Estate Agent
  • Why you should be the interviewer when looking for the right real estate team to join
  • Discover how to work with investors as an agent so you can develop new relationships and close more deals
  • How to structure your business for tax advantages

Module 3

Real Estate Mastery
  • My personal strategies and techniques for dominating Badass listing appointments
  • 1 Word that makes the difference between losing your listing and beating out your competition
  • The 5 Parts of a Winning Million Dollar Listing Package
  • How to find and speak to each buyer’s unique motives when marketing properties for your sellers
  • The 4 Main Profit Centers of Residential Real Estate and how to take advantage of each one

Module 4

Your Credibility and Being Connected
  • Why social media is the most powerful tool you MUST take advantage of to be successful in Real Estate
  • How to grow your social media even if you know nothing about it
  • Why "Looking Damn Good" is one of the MOST important things you can do as a millennial
  • How to "Look Damn Good" on a budget
  • The psychology of looking damn good and how it directly affects how much money you make and YOUR bottom line

Module 5

Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent
  • Understand the "Bigger picture" and discover why YOU need to become a brand in order to achieve MASSIVE success
  • REAL strategies to start and grow a brand, from having NO personal brand whatsoever to having a massive personal brand
  • Why traditional goal-setting methods are bogus and a new method you can use that will help you CRUSH your goals
  • Why mastering your time is the #1 key to success in Real Estate, and the strategies I use to make the most of my time
  • The importance of working smarter and not harder and actual steps on how to implement this into your life starting today

Bonus Videos

5 Best Real Estate Secret Hacks
  • How to utilize every opportunity you get to gain new clients and always be expanding your network
  • How to have a different approach than 99% of all of the other Real Estate Agents out there
  • How to start thinking outside of the box in ALL situations, starting out with one simple method I teach
  • How Leases can turn into MASSIVE paydays
  • And a whole lot more!


(hurry before I change my mind)

The Basics of Wholesaling

How to Make Money In Real Estate with No Money Down, No Credit, No Real Estate License, and No Manual Labor

  • What Wholesaling is, and How to Complete a Wholesale Deal from Start to Finish
  • How to Set Up Your Wholesaling Business from Scratch
  • How to Market Effectively So You Always Have a Steady Stream of Business
  • Pre-written Contracts You Can Use (So You Don't Have to Hire an Expensive Lawyer)
  • How to Create a Cash Buyer's List So You Never Have to Put Your Own Money Down
  • Everything You Need to Get Started